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With a lot of experience working in the major companies financial sector for decades, Yaniv Baruch as Founder and CEO of PayperEx ventured to try to offer the public a stock trading based units such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The founder of PayperEx has previously been experienced in building trading platforms as well as having technology, marketing and legal experience.

PayperEx system have a little difference with other systems. The PayperEx platform as an alternative peer-to-peer stock market network is specially designed for all people interested to participate, users able to earn profit from unit value (Bitcoin/Ethereum) movements whether the value of the unit is up or down. In addition, users who held Paypers also can receive fee-share back from the paypers network. The background establish of PayperEx is based on needs of peoples who want to participate in the Global Stock Market but can not implement it due various reasons such as lack of knowledge, geographical constraints, fear of risk. PayperEx offers convenience for everyone who participates with minimum lose. Users can buy Paypers on assets like Bitcoin and Bitcoin profits up or down depending on the Payper you buy. There are two types of Paypers, “BULL” and “BEAR”. “BULL Payper” for those who think that asset prices will goes up, while “BEAR Payper” is for those who think that asset prices will goes down.

PAX is a paypers token based of ethereum came from PayperEx. PAX will be the only token available on the PayperEx platform only. PAX price will be very affordable during crowdfunds later, PAX sold with range price 0.00002 BTC. The PayperEx Developer team is currently working build and making several key features in trading platforms such as engine matching, the PAX trading platform will be available at least in the second quarter of 2018.

PAX will be the only way to buy Paypers on the PayperEx network. The number of potential Paypers that to be issued is unlimited whereas the number of PAX is fixed and determined during the crowdsale.


Presale is held on September 8 to 19, 2017. ICO starts on September 19, 2017 to December 19, 2017. Customers who wish to participate in ICO, purchase PAX minimal at least 2500 PAX or approximately 0.05 BTC. There is no maximum limit for investment, customers are very welcome to invest on the bitcoin he have.

Customers who participate in both presale and ICO crowdfunding have some advantages :
  1. Customers can buy PAX very cheap and affordable price than if they had to buy PAX after the ICO was expires / PAX trading platform is available. The Discount provided by PayperEx during the crowdfunds is 30%.
  2. In addition to the ICO crowdfund, PayperEx also held an IPO crowdfund that will be held after ICO where as customers can trade PAX like trading on exchange. PAX price at ICO starts in 0.00002 BTC per PAX, while PAX price during IPO is expected to rise around 0.00003 BTC per PAX.


PayperEx Team

Yaniv Baruch has a lot experience in the field of finance, this can be verified by the ownership of the "Series 7 Trading" license he obtained from FINRA for his ability to manage and manage large-scale ownership accounts.

Yaniv Baruch's experiences in previous years include:
  1. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), one of the largest banks in Canada. Yaniv Baruch served as Prop Trader for 2 Years (August 2004 - October 2006).
  2. Barak Capital, an investment group in Israel engaged in securities trading, Bilateral Contracts (Derivatives) and Financial Instruments both in Israel and in the Global Market. Yaniv Baruch served as a Trader for 1 Year (January 2007 - January 2008).
  3. Anyoption, an online binary trading platform established since in 2008 and has grown as one of the largest binary trading platforms. Yaniv Baruch served as Market Leader for 6.5 Years (April 2008 - September 2014).
  4. Daweda Exchange, one of the peer-to-peer online marketplace located in Cyprus Europe. Yaniv Baruch served as CO-Founder and CEO for 2 Years (March 2015 - April 2017).
  5. PayperEx Limited, a company currently running by Yaniv Baruch recently, a company that active in the field of stock trading. Yaniv Baruch is the CO-Founder and CEO.
Menahem Maya is an executive entrepreneur Fintech, an industry engaged in financial technology. In his career at PayperEx Menahem Maya have a many ideas of previous ideas to be implemented in order to build a friendly financial solution.

The experiences of Menahem Maya in previous years :
  1. Online Trading Industry. Menahem Maya served as Sales Manager for 2 Years (January 2008 - December 2009).
  2. Online Trading Industry, Menahem Maya has served as Vice President in an Online Trading Industry for 2 Years since January 2010 - April 2015.
  3. Online Marketing and Advertising, Menahem Maya has 8 months experience since April 2015 - November 2015 with the position of Head of Vendor Manager.
  4. Online Marketing and Advertising, due to previous years experience, Menahem Maya has succeeded become the Founder and CEO of Marketing and Online Advertising Industry.
  5. MB Technology IL LTD, an innovative technology company based in Israel that specialising in consulting, developing, manufacturing and marketing products to the online industry. Menahem Maya is Founder and CEO of MB Technology IL LTD since December 2015 to date.
  6. PayperEx Limited, in collaboration with Yaniv Baruch, Menahem Maya became CO-Founder since May 2017 and is task handling critical issues at PayperEx Limited.
In the expertise of decision making in looking for complicated solutions in finance, Tal Miller been no doubt his expertise in handling cases. Tal Miller is someone who has studied at Lauder Business School majoring in business administration and Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien majoring in International business management, he likes the challenges of finding solutions and making them running by standards.

Even in his commitments quoted in Tal Miller has wrote “In essence, I'm a problem solver. I specialize in tackling challenging situations and cases, cut to the heart of the matter and find out how to make things work the way they should. I'm an idealist who likes to see things as they can and should be rather than how they are now, and I take pleasure in getting them up to standard.

Tal Miller's experience includes:
  1. AOL IPSP, an online credit card company in Moscow State Federation of Russia. Tal Miller is an Operations Manager from 2010 to 2011.
  2. ChargeXP, a company in the financial industry sector which established in Cyprus since 2009. Tal Miller has worked there for 1 year from 2012 - 2013 as Head of Business Development.
  3. Fibonatix, a company in Israel that provides management and consulting services around online business and finance. Tal Miller is the founder of Fibonatix who has dedicated himself from June 2013 until now.
Denis Rohlinsky is a highly knowledgeable person in the field of Information Technology (IT). He has 10 years experience as an IT consultant working on HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, MySQL projects. For the usual project he did was about making web E-Commerce and CMS WordPress. Denis Rohlinsky started working at PayperEx since May 2017 until now.



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