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Seek a renewable energy source was still quite difficults to apply perhaps. Moreover the processing of industrial waste is thrown away without thinking that the waste could still be useful/could be reused into an energy in other forms.

In fact if someone is willing to recycles waste disposal, there will be a positive side to the surrounding environment as well as a good opportunity for entreprisers to make a sale value of the waste processing. Here's where the Earth Token works in the field of carbon waste processing that containing the feedstock which it can be converted into Synthetic Gas which can be applied to many things, for example: on the supply side like industrial process use, conversion into electricity or fuel, etc. On the demand side, our clients consume the output which of course can control the Earth Token demand for the perspective use.

short profile

Brand Name : impactChoice Ltd
Business Type : Waste recycle processing
Country : East Africa, Mauritius

What is the earth token

Earth Token is a token natural-asset-market based at once capable to connects supply and demand with blockchain technology. The philosophy underlying the establishment of Earth Token is base on two things: barriers derived from huge multinational corporations and governments; Gate Keepers have too much influence/control, inviting corrupt and costly practices, tarnishing the sector as a whole. The Advantage of using Earth Tokens (ETN) for the following reasons:
  1. Reduction complexity related to fiat currency exchange rates
  2. Reduction the transaction fees
  3. Elimination of lengthy transaction times. Transaction and fulfillment to happen simultaneously
  4. Elimination Counterparty Risk through the enabling of smart contract
  5. Open up the Natural Asset market to IoT, enabling all devices to interact with the Natural Asset Exchange blockchain

Earth Token Team

Angus Rowe: Co-founder, Chairman
Leonard Harley: Co-founder, Managing Director, IT Director
Peter Newell: Operations Director, Acting Financial Director
Allan Saunders: Marketing Director, Product Development Director
Dennis Stone: Advisor
Jason Berry: Advisor
Wes Carlson: Advisor
Carrington Phillip: Advisor
Dr. Brian Robertson: Advisor
Joeri Pross: Advisor
Maurice Crespi: Partner, Schindlers Attorneys

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