Hearthy - Telemedical Online Startup

Currently many a services that make use online in the form of applications as easy work ways or got the services needed. Retail services, salon services, transportation services, to health services. All available and accessible only via smartphone or PC. For health applications itself, the doctor's app services are really benefits to the users to get a medical help immediately without having to go to the hospital. Indeed, when ills are attacking, checking out to the doctor by visiting the nearest clinic is still your first choice for treatment.

By purchase a Hearthy token (named: HRT), you can have a doctor discussion through your smartphone and make it easier for you to find informations about your current health issues as well as your families. With existence of hearthcare services such as hearthy to be a solutions for someone who have limited time such as office workers who sometimes have to stay late and have to go home at night while the doctor's practice has closed. While the unbearable pain makes you want to gotten treatment immediately and need a drug that can be used for a while. Therefore with the hearthy expected to be helpful to get a quick handling without any time limit or place.

Hearthy combines between health technology to the blockchain technology with the goals of make a decentralized ecosystem, improving access to healthcare services through health care that is a much more efficient and accessible to everyone. The purpose of established a hearthy itself is to offers professional medical care to anyone regardless of success in the large amount of their money, listen the patient complaints, and make a decisions regarding medical records to the patients in accordance with international health guidelines standards.

Token Sale

Hearthy is not course start a moneyless bussiness. Of course Hearthy is going to starts fundraising with two kinds of stages, i.e. presale token and ICO. The result of fundraised would be transfered to the Hearthy Foundation and use for fund the development.

ICOs are a great form of funds and investments, but still remain must be a safe systems and trusted for investors, or at least for peoples with some technical or economical background. ICO must be designed greatly, the tokens must more secure and reliable. With more protection to investors, startup should be background better. If all of it's not to do so, everything will be collapse. If everybody doesn't give a trust to blockchain because ICOs, then everybody would think blockchain is not one of biggest innovation on our time. Just ponzi scheme or some another dangerous.
Token Sale Details
The Number of tokens supply:109.923.077 HER
Goal Target:5.000 ETH minimum
60,000 ETH maximum
Tokens Distribution:The supply number of HER tokens are going to distributed using following rules :
  • 7,91% Presale
  • 5,46% The First of Early ICO
  • 10,01% The Second of Early ICO
  • 14,33% The third of Early ICO
  • 27,29 ICO
  • 23% Foundation
  • 10% Founders and Advisors
  • 2% Bounty Programs
  1. Cryptocurrency will be used when funds started in Hearthy is Ethereum (ETH)
  2. Tokens will be generated automatically during token sale
  3. Bonusses are going to given during presale and early ICO
  4. Presale schedule will starts on October 15th to November 15th, 2017. While ICO starts opened on first week at December and will remain opened for a maximum of 3 weeks or goals maximum reached
Discount Bonus:
PeriodDiscount BonusSupply Distributed
Early ICO20%6.000.000
Early ICO10%11.000.000
Early ICO5%15.750.000
ICOno bonus30.000.000


Hearthy tEAM

Javier Blanco: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
David Conde Sayans: CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)
Shafi Ahmed: Medical director
Juan Sebastián Valencia: CMIO
Diana D. Reinoso: Lead designer
Anxo Soto: CTO
Álex B. Ferrín: Developer
César Caride: Developer

Official Website:http://hearthy.co
Bitcointalk Thread:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2089073.0
Invite Slack:https://slack-invite.hearthy.co
Token Sale:https://earth-token.com/token-sale.html


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