See VOXXO Ready to Becomes a Cool Music Industry

Does't want to lose with popular applications which are already worldwide such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, iHeartradio, Pandora, Soundcloud and Spotify are already providing streaming music services. The digital music industry VOXXO is planned to be release in mid-3rd quarter of 2018. VOXXO is a free platform or paid for everyone who wants to access and listen to music by using cryptocurrency or token. VOXXO also collaborates with several multinational labels such as ASCAP, BMI or PRS, and get the master license of their artists or introduce the VOXXO industry to them.

VOXXO that planned present expected will use blockchain technology as the basis of financial technology. But to run it, VOXXO has a several obstacles to do so such as limited areas in its use, lack of investor supported for industries using the blockchain platform, and the many issue of fraud/data manipulation in ICO activities. But VOXXO believes with certain marketing methods, his music industry with the use of blockchain platform will be increase from time to time. The assets of VOXXO use a smart contract ERC20 token from ethereum. Token VOXXO is create for the purpose each music being listened is value of 1 VOXXO token, and 1 VOXXO token equal to 1 hour of streaming music.

It's a time for the music industry to use blockchain technology, whereas in it's presentation VOXXO argues not very well if the development of an idea in the music industry that uses blockchain technology to change the means of delivering musical ideas before the release of music sources, meaning that if the music industry policy slightly changed, like is not put pressure on making music then the sector that moves in the field of music will act according to the taste of society and according to user requirement. VOXXO parties will require all music sources such as Artists, Bands and Producers to follow this concept to provide entertainment that fits the needs of the community.

VOXXO Token Spesification

Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract
Behaviour: VOXXO
Decimal: 4
Supply: 100M VOXXO
Contract Address: 0x3e02b51439cb90698d54aee36bb29ff8bb76b74d

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