About us

bb2ebb is an individual nor groups organization dedicated to the publication of news and information about cryptocurency. We offer the latest news, expert analysis and solutions with an emphasis on the opinions of professionals from the local community of digital currency.

bb2ebb was established on September 1st, 2017 when bitcoin prices almost reached $4772 US dollars, the highest price when compared with previous years. We can see clearly the market potential and price is influenced by fundamental factors. This is different from the usual technical factors presented in the form of charts, learning supply and demand, analyzing statistics and graphs. This is where bb2ebb comes as one of the paths of proven and reliable information that will be an emphasis on fundamental factors. one thing we believe in: the more important it is to educate ourselves and be aware of new financial and technological innovations. One thing we believe that important to realize and learn the latest innovations and financial technologies in the future.